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Nifty Need To Knows!

Please read entirety to make sure I am the photographer for you. :) 

**I work a full time job daily at Forsyth’s Furniture, from 8-4, Monday-Friday and two Saturdays a month, therefore if I am slow on response time, this would be why. **

*A $50 non refundable, retainer is required to reserve your date and the remainder of your balance is due at the end of your session.

Holidays-I do not generally schedule any sessions on or around the holidays (usually the entire week of), I would like to spend the time I am not working my full time job, with my family. :) 

Booking Your Session! 

The easiest way to book your session with me is though email, or text-feel free to check out the "contact" tab.   Phone calls are super difficult for me for a couple reasons, one being, while working at the furniture store, answering their phone is my priority and I would hate to not fulfill my duty for personal reasons, or hangup on a potential client to complete a needed task.  Also, if we agree upon a date, and I didn’t get it in my calendar at that very moment, I can always jump back to a message, or text to confirm my schedule. 

I generally only schedule one session a day, due to lightning, I want your session to take place in the golden hour which is in the evening time, this is why I tend to book up so quickly.  I try super hard to return messages during the week, at least every other day, so please do not think I am ignoring you,  when I start working on a session, I prefer to go, go go, without any interruptions and return emails between editing sessions, it’s just what works for me! :) I try to return messages within 72 hours, from 8am-4pm Monday-Friday.  If I know we have a session coming up, I will definitely get back to you as soon as I need to. 

Weekend Sessions

I only book 2 Saturdays a month, sometimes 3 in the busier months. I work every other weekend at my full time job and try to take at least one full weekend a month for myself.  Weekends fill up pretty fast and are for my larger, longer, out of towner sessions.  Single child, mini sessions are generally not scheduled for the weekend, unless I can squeeze them in.  If a weekday can, at all possibly work for you, that is great and I can most likely reserve you a session date sooner.  Some parents are okay with grabbing their kiddo from school a little early and some are not, it is completely your preference. 


Printing your Images 

With a print release you are allowed to print your images at cost from wherever you would like. I would prefer if you chose a high quality printing lab, such as mpix but the choice is yours.  My fee may seem high, but one thing to think about is that I make nothing off of your print purchases.  People often ask why I do not do print orders and honestly, maybe someday I will but for now, this works for me, instead of me making additional money by charging you $50 for an 8x10 you, at cost on your own, with your print release will pay $2.29 and that price ($2.29) is from a professional printing lab (mpix) .


You will download your images from your online gallery, I can’t stress to you enough to download them as soon as possible and SAVE them, your gallery will eventually expire.  I will re-upload them one additional time, if needed. NO ORIGINAL UNEDITED FILES WILL BE GIVEN OUT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES 

Receiving Your Images

When editing your session, I select my favorite images, and the ones I think are best, sometimes a pose we did during your session, just doesn't work out, and is not in your gallery, I can assure you, if I didn’t like it, chances are you wouldn’t have liked it either. Once in awhile, there are some images that are just too funny, to discard and those might make it into your gallery!  If there is a finished image, you are wanting altered in anyway, it will be an additional $20 per image.  If I find it to be something on my end, such as  little piece of dirt on their face, or a random chromatic abberation, there will be no additional charge for the alteration.  If you are wanting certain trees removed, heads swapped out, or maybe your body a little more toned up..etc, then I will need to charge you the fee for my extra time.  This rarely happens and I try my hardest to do most of those corrections in my general editing process.  If you are wanting any additional edits that are not my responsibility, your session, will be put back in editing order at the end.  Most likely, I have already started working on another session and that is not fair to that client.


 Glasses can be super difficult for me to photograph, I promise I will do the very best that I can, however  their are some circumstances where the lenses constantly show a glare.  If it is super important to you, I would suggest removing the lenses for photographs or consider removing your glasses.  I will let you know if their is a large amount of glare while photographing.  Sometimes this is not an issue at all.


Please, try your very best to keep your date, with me already working a full time job, makeup dates are difficult to come by.  I do understand that things come up and life happens on both of our ends and will transfer your retainer to another date, one time. 


When it comes to Senior sessions, I am very particular about weather, specifically lighting and wind.  If we decide to reschedule due to weather, I will do my best to get you another date quickly but I cannot guarantee it will be just right away and need you to try to be as flexible as possible. In the colder months, I tend to reschedule sessions more frequently, if the weather is not ideal.  With it being too cold, children tend to not cooperate well, and can you blame them? haha therefore, I will let you know if I feel it is best to reschedule.  You are paying for these images and memories, I want you to have the greatest possible outcome for beautiful photos. 

Turn around time/Sneaks 

I would love to tell you, I will have sneaks SOON, but... I am very picky about sneaks and usually do not post them until your session is nearing completion so I can pick my absolute favorites.  If you would not like to have your images posted to social media (I really hope you do though) that is completely fine, just please let me know.

My busiest time is from August-December.  I generally like to have your images done in 3-4 weeks however this could be longer during this time, unless other arrangements have been made, but I cannot guarantee or make any promises.  Engagements, seniors and post wedding images may take a little longer as they take me a little longer to edit.  

I try my best to edit in order, Please, please be patient with me, I take my time in editing your photos and edit every single image.  The more time spent responding to inquiries about your session, the less time I am editing.  Remember, I do work a full time job, and shoot in the evenings, therefore I get my editing done in the little amount of spare time that is left, and have already sacrificed quite a bit of family time. :)

Social Media

Be looking for back of camera sneaks of your session on my snapchat, feel free to screen shot them, but please do not post them to any social media sites. You can find full previews from your session on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and if you decide to share any of your amazing images, please give Lulu’s Pictures, credit. :) 


Recently, I purchased a small studio building (with the help of my parents, god love em), this will be the location, I most likely will have you  meet me at and prepare for our first location. The location was a salon for many, many years and I, and some of my awesome friends/family have worked hard in any of the spare time we have to get it looking better!  It is not, near fully finished (which drives me crazy) so just a fair warning to you.  Studio pictures are for newborns and kiddos up to age 3.  My building is large, however I use natural window light and the space allowed for that is quite small, plus, I will ALWAYS prefer outdoor pictures to indoor pictures and my backdrops are small and specific for that age.  Family sessions will not take place in the studio unless it is during a newborn session.   


All sessions will take place around Medicine Lodge unless discussed and agreed upon before session date.  For travel outside of Medicine Lodge, a travel fee will be required for fuel and time spent traveling. 

More than likely,  I will have you meet me at my studio, then jump in with me to head to our location!  


If you have a specific location you are wanting your pictures taken, please let me know before your session date and remember, the sun sets in the west and I will not photograph you facing the sun.  Most of my engagement sessions, tend to be a little more on the country, rustic side, if that’s not you, please let me know ahead of time so I can get a fun game plan! 


It is important to arrive as promptly as possible at the time I have given you, so we have enough of the golden light for your session, tardiness may result in less time allowed for your session, and fewer images, which we would all be sad about. :(  If it gets too dark, some of those images may become grainy due to the exposure and I will not give those out, as they will not print well.  I will tell you if our session is running late and it is too dark to continue. 

What to wear!

I get asked this question A LOT, I am a pretty big fan of neutrals, lace for the girls, layers and scarves in the fall are always fun too.  My main suggestion is no bright neons, try for shirts without wording on them, and do not perfectly match, coordinate but not super matchy! :)  Seniors, upon booking your session with me, you will receive a detailed guide on what to wear! 


My usual flow during a session is to capture a couple great posed shots, then spend the majority of our time creating some fun memories, filled with love and laughter!  Candids are my absolute favorite thing to not only capture but witness as well.  You will often hear me say, "just loe on your babies...and act like I'm not even here!"  If there are some specific poses you are wanting, please do not hesitate to ask!  I promise, I will do my best but cannot guarantee your image will look identical. :) 

Tipt & Tricks

For sessions, with small kiddos, generally family sessions, I would suggest you bring a grandparent or family member along, to help me grab their attention!  Parent's that have done this, haven't regretted it!  Also, bribes work wonders!  "1,2,3, SLUSHIE" is a pretty good one!  I do not know your kiddos schedules but if we have a Summer, evening session, I would suggest feeding them prior to the session, full kiddos generally photograph better than hungry kiddos!  If you have little, ones, please try your best to make sure they've had a nap and not spent the entire day at the pool, without some rest! ;) 

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